1st Edition These Precious Little People Book


We are sorry but you will not be able to buy this version through the Joel shop at this time as we are attempting to prioritise the remaining copies for families in urgent need of a copy. Please email thesepreciouslittlepeople@gmail.com if you require one in a hurry and we will endeavour to get one out to you ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the second edition (due to be published late autumn 2020), which offers people the opportunity to request that names of little ones gone too soon are added to the dedication page, please head here: https://joel-the-complete-package.fws.store/index.aspx?pageid=5605611&prodid=20735245

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This beautifully illustrated book was created in loving memory of all babies gone too soon. The author knows from personal experience just how painful it is for a family to have to say goodbye to a precious little one and how difficult it can be to explain what happened to any living children affected. Anyone supporting children affected by the death of a baby can use this book as a way to provide a more positive focus and to help remember these precious little people with love and pride.

The focus is usually on the bereaved parents when a baby dies but there are very often children who will have been aware of the pregnancy and will have to be told that the baby has died. If the loss was early on, before the pregnancy was announced, or, in the case of children born after the death of a baby, families might be wondering if they be told as much as when and how? It is a very personal decision that only individual families can make – there is no ‘right time’ to break such news – but many families find it more natural to begin to talk openly and honestly about the subject as soon as possible so that a child’s comprehension can develop over time. This book is intended to be a framework from which to have open and honest conversations where the circumstances specific to each baby can be explained more fully as deemed appropriate. Families reading the book with their children can develop an understanding that any grief they are experiencing (or witnessing) is normal and healthy. It is a book that can be read with children to support them over the years as the family grieves and remembers the baby together.

The book has been written using clear-cut language that avoids the euphemisms often associated with death that can be ambiguous and at times unnecessarily frightening for children. The text is written in poetic verse so that it flows well for adults reading it with their children who can follow the rhythm present on the pages but, equally, time can be taken to pause and linger over the stunningly beautiful artwork drawn by Gillian Gamble (and there's plenty of gorgeous little details throughout the book to seek out with children who will enjoy finding them). Gillian Gamble’s illustrations perfectly befit the seriousness and importance of the subject matter and lend a sensitive beauty that will appeal to both the children and adults reading the book together. It was important to both the author and illustrator that the images could be ones that all children could relate to, so people from diverse backgrounds could all appreciate the artwork and draw comfort from the words within. It was written and illustrated to have not only a wide appeal but also a timeless feel, and the words and pictures reflect the varied range of experiences within the bracket of ‘baby loss’.

If you would like a handwritten dedication to anyone (babies gone too soon, living children, or relatives/friends that you are gifting the book to), or if you wish to donate a copy to a hospital/support group and want it sent directly to them, please email thesepreciouslittlepeople@gmail.com after ordering.

See the book's website (https://preciouslittlepeople.wixsite.com/preciouslittlepeople) for more info, or below for FAQs and testimonials.

Q: What age child is this book suitable for?
A: All ages! The book was written so that it is suitable for young children, but it is something that can also bring comfort to older children and even adults.

Q: Is the language used in the book reflective of any particular beliefs?
A: The book was written so that it can compliment any beliefs that the family hold. The author has deliberately not included any references to religion or ideas for what happens after we die, aside from to say that these precious little people can live on in the memories of those who loved them.

Q: Is this book just for siblings of the baby who died?
A: This book was written to support ANY child affected by the death of a baby/babies during pregnancy or soon after birth - whether that be a sibling, cousin, other family member, or family friend.

Q: Is this book suitable for children who knew about my baby if I suffered a miscarriage or my pregnancy came to an end due to the advice of medical professionals?
A: Yes, absolutely. The book was written (and the text carefully phrased) to offer support and comfort to children grieving the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, during labour or soon after birth, and for any reason.

Q: Is this book suitable for children who have been affected by the death of multiple babies?
A: Yes. If you are unfortunate enough to have been affected by multiple losses (perhaps of twins/triplets, recurrent miscarriage, and/or stillbirth), then the text in this book will not make you feel as if it could not apply to your situation. It is our belief that all precious babies gone too soon deserve to be remembered and honoured, and it was the author's intention to help all families feel comforted and included when reading it.

Q: Is this book suitable for children born after the death of a baby (e.g. rainbow babies)?
A: Yes - it is as relevant for those recently bereaved as for anyone reading it years later.


"These Precious Little People is just lovely; the tone is perfect and it’s a great resource for shocked and bereaved parents, a good tool for them to initiate that all-important conversation with children who may not understand what’s going on and how to deal with their emotions. What I’ve learnt in the past four years is that talking about your loss really does help and the more you talk about it the easier it is - not just for you but for all those around you.  Some people find this easier than others and I know this book will help those people and their children” - Marina Fogle, co-founder of antenatal classes The Bump Class, author of The Bump Class; An Expert Guide to Pregnancy and Beyond and producer of the podcast The Parenthood

"This book perfectly describes the pregnancy and loss of a much wanted little one. It is a simple picture book for children and has the most beautiful illustrations. I am amazed by how eloquently the message is written, it’s just perfect... I recommend this book to anyone who needs to help children or young people understand the loss of a baby" - Norfolk & Norwich Hospital Baby Bereavement Group 

"Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with the team – it is excellent. One of the best I have come across and fits with my experience of working with families in these contexts. I think it will be an invaluable and really useful resource for families and staff teams"​ - Dr Harriet Conniff, Lead Clinical Psychologist for Paediatric Respiratory & Staff Support, Evelina London Children's Hospital

"It’s beautifully written and illustrated. My 6 year old daughter really enjoyed it and could relate it to her brother, Ernie. I’d definitely recommend"Carla Spence, Ernie's Wish

"The most amazing book - such heartfelt words and truly beautiful illustrations... Such a special book. The artwork by Gillian is perfect" - Rach Stewart

"This book is beautifully written with the most lovely illustrations... Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book to help bereaved families" - Lisa Cooper

"Thank you for this precious little book! My daughter was 4 when we lost her brother at 38.6 weeks and she was right there with me in the hospital when I heard the words ‘no heartbeat’ ... she has heard and seen more than a little 4 year old ever should! She is 6 now and still has lots of times of struggle, as do we all, but we have just read this book together and laughed and cried... I think this book will be very healing for her. Thank you!!!!"  - Brooke Mathe

"What a needed book! If you have a child in the family when a baby dies, this is the perfect comfort for them. Read it to them as many times as they like, and let the simple language help them grasp what actually happened. In this book you will find such wonderful ways for children to engage with grief, and to create little rituals around the death of a baby, to remember them, and to connect to them. I highly recommend this beautifully-illustrated book. You really did such an amazing job with this book, and it was such an honour to read it... I will certainly be recommending it to everyone I know" - Elisa Hatton, Bereavement Doula
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